Nursing Care in Acute kidney Failure

Acute kidney Failure, also known as Acute Renal Failure, refers to the immediate deterioration of basic renal function, which causes a sharp drop in glomerular filtration and an increase in nitrogen products in the blood. This condition is potentially reversible, however, i

Diet for kidney failure

What is a diet for kidney failure? A diet for kidney failure controls the amount of protein and phosphorus in the diet. It is also possible that you have to limit your intake of calcium, sodium and potassium. A diet for kidney failure can help decrease the amount of waste

Kidney failure: How to choose a treatment

The kidneys filter waste from the blood and regulate other body functions. When your kidneys fail, you need a treatment that does the work that your kidneys normally do. If you have kidney failure you should make some decisions about your treatment. You may choose not to

Diet for hemodialysi

Hemodialysis and a proper diet contribute to reducing the waste that accumulates in the blood. In all dialysis centers there is a dietitian available to help you plan your meals according to your doctor’s instructions. When choosing foods remember consume balanced