How to Prevent Kidney Failure Naturally

how-to-prevent-kidney-failure-naturallyWhen you have doubts about your health, to go the doctor is the best choice, there is no person more capable than a specialist to give a good advice or solution to the condition, correctly.

The renal organs are the size of the fist of the hand, the main functions of these is the blood filtration, discarding toxins from the body and also produces 3 types of hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the kidneys such as: renin, erythropoietin and the active form of vitamin D.

The health of the kidneys is possible to maintain if we stick to much healthier habits of life than the vast majority of people are used to.

In addition to that, regular medical check-ups are also another way to take care of ourselves.

How to Know if I Need to Clean My Kidneys

There is no special method to know exactly if you need to clean your kidneys, but you could get an idea when there is often edema of feet and ankles, when frequent infections occur in the urinary tract, or people suffering from diabetes, all this could be indicating that you need to clean the kidneys.

Now, what is the cleaning of the kidneys? Basically it is the most frequent water consumption, that way it will make the kidneys work with greater impetus.

It is not about ingesting liquid excessively, the increase should be gradual and with medical supervision, because, on the other hand, the excessive consumption of water, can cause dehydration.

It is also important to avoid caffeine, chocolate and in general all foods that increase calcium oxalate and uric acid in the kidneys because these are the substances that produce kidney stones.

How to Detoxify the Kidneys

We can take necessary actions in order to help detoxify by ourselves and naturally the kidneys.

  1. Eliminating junk food from the daily diet, all foods that we know are harmful to health, should be eliminated quickly.
  2. Eliminating foods with a high content of calcium and phosphorus to avoid the formation of stones
  3.  You can drink liquids that are especially for cleaning the kidneys, such as, for example, horsetail infusions, dandelion infusions, parsley infusions, among many others.

Of course, this type of action should be done when we have suffered some kidney disease such as infections, stones, etc.

The purpose is to avoid by all possible means to reach a chronic kidney disease.

What other things can we do to prevent kidney diseases? Be well informed about what the kidney is, how it works, what it is used for, and the complications that can occur if we let it get sick. This may be the first step to achieve deep awareness about the disease.

The second step and already aware of everything that we need to know about the disease you can try to lead a healthy life in every way.

If you are not fond of water, you can drink liquid using some fruits such as watermelon, which is also a diuretic and promotes the elimination of toxins.

Also avoid the consumption of analgesics and alcohol, salty and high-fat foods.

Sometimes it may be necessary to acquire a guide that takes us by the hand, that can show us foods that are beneficial and those that do not, to understand a little more about the complete function of the kidneys, we can also learn about the treatments and the reasons why a kidney disease may or may not be reversible.


In any case, what we are interested in communicating is that there are no longer any reasons to fall into this type of disease because the information is at hand.

Be it in a physical book, in PDF files, in infographics, online, clinical institutions, etc. A lot of what we can take advantage as knowledge is concerned.

In these cases it is necessary not to self-medicate because the kidneys can be filled with stones (stones), if you have to take a treatment for pain, it is better to be under medical supervision.

Other Natural Ways to Treat Kidney Pain

Boldo tea with Chamomile

One of the popular remedies you can use for kidney pain is boldo tea with chamomile.

The Chancapiedra tea

If the problem is kidney stones, this is the tea you should take, grinding stones up little by little until you clean the kidney.

Celery Juice

Celery is diuretic and also relaxing, its contribution to the body is to eliminate toxins from the body and also prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Stress Management

Stress is part of the life of every human being, when you know you are suffering from a disease such as kidney disease, stress definitely increases.

The search for alternatives that help you manage stress will improve your health, the mental state is equal or perhaps a little more important than the physical.

Controlling stress is a simple task if you propose it, just look for an activity that you like a lot, and then take time in the day to do it.

Anything that distracts the mind and exercises it in other actions is ideal for the relaxation of it.

There are people who prefer to opt for physical activity and it is also valid, listen to music, do meditation, etc., etc., etc.

Be part of social support groups, it is interesting to live and share with others our worries and fears and it is a way of venting, sometimes in simple opinions we can find the calm we need.

If the depression knocks on your door, do not close and isolate yourself, it’s the worst thing you can do, the best way to get out of a depression is by talking about what you feel, comment with your doctor your feelings and if he thinks it is necessary, he will send it a psychologist not because he is crazy, but because he needs guidance to better cope with his kidney disease.

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