Kidney Disease Symptoms

Kidney-Disease-SymptomsKnow the symptoms of kidney disease, can be of great help for that disease does not progress and the treatment actually do something to make you feel better.

Unfortunately the symptoms of kidney disease sometimes can be quite light and others simply do not have symptoms.

Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the symptoms that may occur when the kidneys are starting to give problems.

Here we will share with you some symptoms of kidney disease, so that you have a clearer idea about them and if it is necessary, to go quickly to your physician to receive timely treatment.

Now, some of the symptoms that we will mention are not exactly exclusive of renal diseases, but will serve as a guide at least so you worry and go to a doctor, and he will tell you what it is with certainty.

There are people who think that the pain at waist level is a sign that there is something wrong with the kidneys, but this is not so, since the kidneys are located above and behind, but if you have pain in that part goes to your doctor immediately

10 symptoms of Renal Disease

Now we will let u know the most common symptoms of the disease, so you can prevented in case you have felt them in the past or be feeling any of them at this time.

1.- Fatigue

The kidneys creates a hormone name erythropoietin, which instructs the body to produce red blood cells that are those that carry oxygen.

If the kidneys fail, then they generate less erythropoietin, and as a result less production of red blood cells and therefore there is less oxygen.

Therefore, the muscles and brain suffering from tiredness quickly, if this continue will reach a State of anemia which can be treatment if it is attended in time.

2.- Cold feeling without apparent reason

A logical consequence of someone with anemia.

3.- Effort Dyspnea

It can be presented shortness of breath with the least effort, and it is possible that it related to the kidneys.

When there is an extra fluid in the body, you can quickly build up in the lungs and make the air gets missed, anemia is another factor to feel winded because it deprives it of oxygen.

4.- Vertigo

Sign of weakness, anemia which is related to kidney failure can also cause dizziness and problems of memory, concentration, etc.

5.- Itch in any area of the body

The kidneys are responsible for disposing the body of toxins, when they are failing, toxins accumulate in the bloodstream, and this can cause itching.

6.- Edema

Kidney failure causes extra fluid throughout the body, causing edema, especially in legs, ankles, face, hands and feet.

7.- Everything tastes like metal

When toxins accumulate in the blood what is known as uremia, is likely to make us feel that everything that get to mouth has taste of metal, also you will notice that you have bad breath.

It may even be foods that you used to like, don’t do that much anymore or not at all, you will start to notice weight loss because of lack of appetite loss.

8.- Breath with ammonia odo

It is exactly equal to the previous point

9.- Stomach upset with nausea and vomiting

This is also caused by the accumulation of toxins in the blood.

10.- Frequent night-time urination

We know that kidney produces urine, when they are not working, this may change considerably.

Here some of their most common features:

a)More frequent urination and more quantity than usual, the color of the urine is pale.

b) the urine may foam or bubble

c) it could also be that you urinate less frequently and less quantity, but the urine will be dark.

d) might find blood in the urine

e) there may be difficulty urinating

They are many diseases of the kidneys which eventually can cause chronic kidney disease, among them we can mention:

–   Kidney stones

–   Kidney infections

–   Kidney cancer

–   Acute kidney injury

–   Nephrotic syndrome

Detection and treatment of these problems in the kidney, can certainly avoid falling into chronic kidney disease that at the end could result kidney fails.

For this reason, we consider that it is very important to know our body and learn to be observers with him in every way.


When there is a chronic kidney disease the most common is that you go get worse gradually, and is quite possible that there are no symptoms until they are too damaged.

As mentioned before, in terminal stages, i.e. when will already have renal failure, can be noticed clearly the symptoms that we discussed previously, because they are caused by the accumulation of toxins that are no longer capable of eliminating our body.

In addition, there is a tendency to suffer from edema due to extra fluid that is in the body.

In order to renal diseases do not lead you to have renal failure, will need to change habits perhaps radically.

Which it will be good, because some kidney diseases are completely reversible, but it must catch them early and submit to appropriate treatment, in addition, of course make your own struggle to complement the medical treatment.

The kidneys are vital organs for our body, just think about the following: they are in charge of cleaning the blood stream, and also control all liquids and chemicals throughout the body, also controls blood pressure and helps the creation of the red blood cells.

Then, do you think that it is important to try to keep kidneys healthy?, we assume that your answer Yes.

So, we invite you to improve your lifestyle habits by something much more healthy, in life everything can be make and consume, but moderation is completely decisive.


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