What is Diabetic Kidney Disease?

Diabetes is number one cause of the kidney diseases, cause so much so one out of four patients with diabetes is presenting renal disease.


What does this mean? Poorly controlled diabetes causes or triggers kidney illnesses as a very frequent complication.

Now, diabetes causes damage to the kidneys, but slowly, may take years before it appears, but is basically because there is an unadequate control of glucose in the blood.

Diabetic nephropathy is as it is known to the relationship between renal diseases as a result of diabetes, but… How that diabetes is causes kidney damage?

How the Diabetes cause kidney disease

The problem happens because it causes direct damage to the blood vessels of the kidneys, caused by high levels of glucose in the blood, poor control, little or no attention to diabetes over time of course produces diabetic nephropathy.

When a person has diabetes, it is more likely that with the passage of time suffer also from the kidneys pain, although it is not a general rule, however, the chances increase so much.

One of the determining factors that can lead people to suffer from diabetic nephropathy is even the race, for example, African-Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, they are more likely to suffer diabetes and diabetic nephropathy.

If in addition to diabetes you:

–     Smoke

–     It does not have  proper diet

–     Does not exercise regularly

–     Do not stop using salt in your food

–     You are overweight

–     Any condition of the heart

–     A family history of kidney failure

As we have said the chances to have diabetic nephropathy are very high.

How to know if I have diabetic nephropathy

The vast majority of people who have diabetes do not have symptoms of renal diseases, therefore, the only way to certainly know if the disease is present is making lab tests.

They are usually tests blood and urine that your doctor will tell you to do, where they seek the presence of albumin in the urine, and blood tests are to see how well kidneys are functioning.

If you are diabetic our recommendation is to perform these tests at least every year, especially if the diabetes has been present for more than 5 years.

Is it possible to keep kidneys healthy if I have Diabetes?

Of course IT IS, and the best and only way possible is correctly treating diabetes, if you put effort in treating their diabetes as your doctor suggests, you should not have why suffering from a kidney problem in the future.

How do I do this? First of all, not leaving aside the medical indications, use your medical treatment exactly as indicated.

In addition, it should not ignore the importance of food, which is vital andWhat-is-diabetic-kidney-disease part of the medical treatment, something else of equal importance is the exercise which should be according to their possibilities and always supervised by your doctor.

Often make your blood glucose control checks to be sure of its evolution, and lastly, but no less important to have 100% positive an attitude.

Possibly, is very easy to say but put it into practice may not, but diabetic patients must understand that their illness is not deadly but complications causing diabetes can become deadly.

So, as far as possible they should try to take things with a positive attitude.

Other conditions that can be triggered when you have diabetes is high blood pressure, then in addition to the studies corresponding to glucose checking, it is important to also add attention to blood pressure care.

Help on way that eliminates lifetime malicious habits for your health, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating many fats, eat much glucose, etc.

If for some reason is not properly controlled and nephropathy is present, what comes is to see how can slow the disease process.

You should know that over time the kidney disease can evolve and take it to a terminal stage of kidney function much faster.

The good news as we have been saying it, is that it can be avoided get up to that point, but with the help of a team: team physician-patient, relatives also play an important role, they are the main support of diabetic patients.

Diabetic nephropathy may not be treated as two distinct diseases, although somehow they do, there is a point at which are linked in such a way that it becomes a single.

And this is how it should be treated, of course, facing the two diseases and treating them altogether.

Consequences of diabetic nephropathy

In the event that things get to a certain level where for some reason not be been able to control properly diseases in its early days, these might be the consequences.

–     High blood pressure: can appear before or during diabetic nephropathy

–     Anemia: arises to have deficiency in the production of red blood cells

–     Osteoporosis: When there is difficulty for the absorption of calcium in the bones, at this point you must Minister Vitamin D3

–     Malnutrition: It occurs mostly in patients who are hospitalized, especially in those who are already in alternative treatments like dialysis

–     Neuropathy associated with renal failure: very similar to the neuropathy from diabetes mellitus

–     Edema: When the fluid balance has been lost and there is an accumulation of them in the body

–     Metabolic acidosis: when the accumulation of toxins is extremely high causes a very acidic blood, very similar to diabetic coma, but in this case is acidified due to the ketone bodies.

The help of a nutritionist can be very necessary in these cases, as well as a psychologist, nephrologist, and other medical personnel.

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